Line Lock/Roll Control Mounting Bracket



I built this mounting bracket to hold a line lock/ roll control solenoid but it’s also large enough to mount the TR6 box as shown in the last pictures.

It utilizes factory stand offs/bosses on the plastic inner fender well. No drilling required. These stand offs are not used for anything and are left unused in factory configuration.

Conveniently these are right beside the master cylinder so it’s a great place to mount the Line Lock too.

If you’re looking for a good mounting option that doesn’t alter your car at all this is the perfect solution.

Comes in black finish, made upon ordering. Will take approximately 3 days to ship out.

Will come with no holes drilled on top portion so you can mount what/where you want to on the bracket. Will come with the mounting holes for the stand offs drilled.

This also leaves room to double mount my relay relocation bracket on the stand offs closest to the firewall. Check my other items for sale to see that relocation bracket.

Free shipping on this item to lower 48 States.

Line Lock not included.


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