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86-87 Buick Grand National Translator Bracket


MAF (Mass Air Flow) Translator Mounting Bracket

Custom made mounting bracket to securely hold the Translator in place and in a convenient location. 

This bracket attaches to the radiator header panel (using an existing hole) and uses one of the bolts that attach the horn to the inner fender.  This recesses the top of the translator to be roughly even with the top of the header panel so it will not interfere with the hood while leaving plenty of space below it for air filters, relocated washer fluid bottles or accessibility to wiring etc.

Translator box is sealed from elements and is mounted under the hood but owner is usually left to find a location themselves to zip tie it or find a place to mount it.  This bracket provides a solution like none other!  It almost looks factory too!

Correct size spacer is included for the header panel.  You will need to provide the bolt and nut for the header panel.  You should be able reuse the horn bolt as mine was long enough to reuse. 

Primer bracket is shown so you can see the details of how it sits etc.    

Bracket available in Satin Black, Black Carbon Fiber and Red Carbon Fiber.

Translator not included.

A translator allows you to use a new generation LT1 or LS1 Mass Air Flow sensor. 



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