Relay Relocation Bracket




This simple brackets helps relocate your relays from in the inner fender to further inside your engine bay, giving them a place to attach to.

Because there is no overhang shield to the way Buick mounted the relays on the driver’s side inner fender they are prone to getting wet and causing premature failure.

Bracket is made of a high quality acrylic material and painted black.

There are 2 unused standoffs on the inner fenders that this bracket attaches to. It sits directly in front of the windshield wiper motor.

In stock format there are 3 relays mounted to the inner fender. I have an additional Relay on my set up. Because others too may have this additional Relay, while others may not, these brackets will not have any holes drilled in them for the relays. A simple 1/8″ hole where you want to mount the relays will need to be drilled but very easy to do in this material.

Check out my windshield wiper motor cover that completes a nice looking, almost factory appearing Relocation. 

The last photo shows this Relocation bracket along with the wiper motor cover installed too.

Wiper Motor Cover sold separately.


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